May 15 2012 14:24

This blog is officially closed. If you want more U-KISS scenarios, click here.

Jan 15 2012 14:46

I LOVE your 10some and the 5some. I love your cute scenarios too, but can I request a threesome with Kevin and Eli? Thank you~

Yes you may. ^o^ And, I’m glad you liked them, I’m sure my co-writer will be glad too! :DD

Jan 15 2012 2:56

Guys, I’m sorry that I haven’t been updating a lot. :(( I apologize, I should put more effort into this blog, and the scenarios.

I will be writing more tomorrow… or today, considering it’s almost 3AM. Anyhow, I am sorry. I know I have requests backed up, but I’m gonna get scenarios going again, so just bare with me until then, okay? :P

Jan 15 2012 2:53

how about u and kevin's first time having sex? xDD

Okay.~ ^o^ Can do.^^

Jan 15 2012 2:53

I'd like to request an angry and/or rough sex scene with Eli whenever possible, please. Thank you!

Hmm, alright. Will do! :D

Jan 15 2012 2:50 1 note

Whenever you have the time to spare, could you do a cute sex scene with Eli? If that makes sense lol. The situation is that you're basically sad and tired of life and Eli is making gentle love actions to cheer you up. The beginning should be gentle like kissing away your tears and hugging you. It can get really sensual later on.

Sure! xDD

Jan 15 2012 0:57

hey Bri.. finished the 10some.. anyway.. it's.. 4.25 pages ish? proofreading then submitting after dinner ;D

Oh, good! :DD

Jan 15 2012 0:07

Could I request an angry sex scenario with Jaeseop, please? :P i feel dirty... >.<

Yes you can. ^o^

Jan 12 2012 2:01

lol. i guess... since i go into detail... >.> god. kpop has turned me into a pervert....

LOL. Same here, girl. xD

Jan 12 2012 1:49

omg though.. like the fivesome was that long.. imagine my 10some.. >.>

Haha. xDD Oh well, the longer the better, right? xD